The organization lost its momentum, members lost trust in our leaders, and things got heated rather quickly. Members of the team started losing faith in our collective ability to create change in the outside world and rather used their energy to try to change the organization from the inside. Problems that may have existed before (and for sure many existed) quickly became internal casus bellis, tension arose on governance, sharing of power, lack of democracy, and vision, and arguments erupted because of increased inter-personal disagreements. The positive compound effect of having fierce people with a lot of drive in a group of similarly built activists had turned into a self-destructive process that proved extremely difficult to stop and fix, though we did manage to.
[What I learned Joining a Climate Civil Resistance Organization For 18 Months]

Perspective intéressante sur les parallèles qui peuvent être réalisés entre l’activisme et le monde des startups ; ainsi qu’une observation des problématiques que peut poser l’idéalisme face au réalisme nécessaire à l’atteinte d’un objectif.