What if I consumed only the raw ingredients the body uses for energy? Would I be healthier or do we need all the other stuff that’s in traditional food? If it does work, what would it feel like to have a perfectly balanced diet? I just want to be in good health and spend as little time and money on food as possible.

I haven’t eaten a bite of food in 30 days, and it’s changed my life.
I call it ‘Soylent’. At the time I didn’t know if it was going to kill me or give me superpowers.
I feel like the six million dollar man. My physique has noticeably improved […] My resting heart rate is lower […] I used to run less than a mile at the gym, now I can run 7. I have more energy than I know what to do with. On day 4 I caught myself balancing on the curb and jumping on and off the sidewalk when crossing the street like I used to do when I was a kid. People gave me strange looks but I just smiled back.
My mental performance is also higher. […] I sleep better, wake up more refreshed and alert and never feel drowsy during the day. I still drink coffee occasionally, but I no longer need it, which is nice.
This is one case and it’s only been a month, so it’s early, but I’m certainly not stopping now.
[How I Stopped Eating Food sur RobRhinehart.com]

Je me suis toujours dit qu’il serait plus simple pour tout le monde si nous n’avions qu’à prendre une pilule le matin pour combler tous nos besoins en énergie, vitamines, minéraux, et autres.

Comme certaines personnes l’ont soulevé dans les commentaires, le soucis avec cela c’est que l’on ingère uniquement que ce que l’on sait avoir besoin. Mais il y a fort à parier que certains de nos aliments nous apportent des choses dont nous n’avons pas conscience. Surtout qu’un mois, c’est un recul quasiment nul sur son expérience.

Quoi qu’il en soit, si nous ne mangions qu’une pilule quotidienne, nous n’aurions plus le droit à ce genre d’évènements; et ce serait bien dommage.