Tick Tock

A popular saying goes that Programmers are machines that turn caffeine into code.

And sure enough, ask a random programmer when they do their best work and there’s a high chance they will admit to a lot of late nights. Some earlier, some later. A popular trend is to get up at 4am and get some work done before the day’s craziness begins. Others like going to bed at 4am.
Working on large abstract systems involves fitting the whole thing into your mind – somebody once likened this to constructing a house out of expensive crystal glassand as soon as someone distracts you, it all comes barreling down and shatters into a thousand pieces.

This is why programmers are so annoyed when you distract them.
But even programmers should be sleeping at night. […] Even programmers feel more alert during the day.
Similar to the ballmer peak, being tired can make us focus better simply because when your brain is tired it has to focus! There isn’t enough left-over brainpower to afford losing concentration.
Being tired makes you dumb enough that the task at hand is enough.
[Why programmers work at night sur Swizec.com]

Je me retrouve totalement dedans, en tant que membre des lève tôt. Finir une tâche avant le lever du Soleil est une des plus grande motivations qui soit.

Posté le 21 novembre 2012 par Jacques Danielle